[news] WonderGirls talks about impression of their American debut stage


WonderGirls talks about their nerve-wrecking experience of their American debut stage.

The girls did the opening stage to Jonas Brothers’ concert in Portland on 27th June at 7pm (KST) infront of a 20,000-strong audience.


SunYe said, “This did not feel like 100% reality to us yet to have such a great and exciting opportunity coming to us. We did it with a heart for enjoyment more than feeling nervous and scared. What we are thankful for is that there is never sufficient things, big or small, that we have went through all these times that we find perfect. Always working hard to get that perfection is why we never stopped and that is why we got to where we are today.”

SunMi, “Today is SoHee’s birthday in American time! In Portland! In the name of WonderGirls! We are preparing for the sucess in our American debut. I didn’t know that it would come so fast, the dream that I’ve always dreamt of. It was really nerve-wrecking to walk up to the stage and put up this performance. I am so excited and nervous about performing in a new country, on a new stage in front of new people.”

YeEun, “This is our first day as opening guest. I get the feeling that it is real after talking to the tour staff and doing rehearsals. I can hear the audience shouting outside. I am worried about being able to do well on stage but I am really grateful about WonderGirls coming so far this 2 years. It is beyond our expectations that we can have our American debut so fast and we will always work hard and give our best.” with a smile.

YooBin, “How come I’m not feeling nervous at all.. Actually for my debut stage in Korea I wasn’t nervous too.. But still I’m excited. It has always been my dream to perform on American stage with my dongsaengs, and I’m so excited. I want to go on the stage quickly. I want to show and awe the audience. I want to go on stage and perform our dance and song quickly. Watch out America, we are coming.”

And for SoHee who is celebrating her birthday that day, “This is the day of our American debut and also the first day as opening guest to the concert. It still doesn’t feel like reality to me – watching the concert, and also performing for it. Releasing an album and performing in America but not in Korea – it has always been words and dreams, but doing it right now I don’t know how I’m feeling. But we will work hard as the WonderGirls.”


[Credit: sookyeong wp]


2 Responses to “[news] WonderGirls talks about impression of their American debut stage”

  1. 1 wondergirlsfan
    June 29, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    Wonder Girls FIGHTING!!!!!

  2. 2 cowgirl
    June 30, 2009 at 5:07 am

    i still want to read about the impresions of a non-wonderful on the girls as openers…

    but well, i suspect even a bad review won’t stop the wondergirls…

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