Last night was a dream 7/11/09 @ Rosemont

Until now, I thought last night was a bit surreal. I didn’t hit me yet that I really saw Wonder Girls, especially Ye Eun! Lolzz I was nervous alright. We didn’t have to pass out the flyers, because something was wrong with it. Not sure. Anyway, so we met them by group of three. Terry and I went in with our new friend Jonathan, who got in 2 nights for free. On the first night, he lied that he lost his daughter and got in. I got a lot of learn from this clever guy! Haha

We went in… I think I saw Ye Eun. Haha Just Kidding. I went straight to Ye Eun and introduced myself, “Hey! It’s Kimmie.” (The rest may not be in chronological order. LOL!)  She responded with the “HEY” expression for recognizing my name and gave me a hug. Sun Ye came to me at that very second and gave me a hug too. Sun Mi was in the middle, a little behind the two. It wouldn’t be nice to skip her, and knowing her personality, I reached out for a hug this time. I handed Ye Eun the gift that I prepared for her. ^^ I believed at this time the guy suggested to do a group pix, so I obliged. I got nervous after it. Haha I stuttered asking her about Ye Eun Impact, and yeah she knew about us alright. She thanked us for everything. She thanked a lot of time actually for coming, etc too. At some point, I was like.. “Ugh… I don’t know what to say… You looked cute.” and she smiled back. Everything was really rushed. I officially hate securities! I quickly asked for solo pix with Ye Eun and asked for autographed. She went ahead to write “To: Kimmie Mai” in one CD.. she forgot the “e,” which I corrected her. haha She was confused a bit, so I just joked, “Now you’ll remember my name,” and to my pleasant surprised, she wrote “To: Thi” (my real name)  on the other…  She has a good memory. So, I exited after a good-bye hug, I think…?

An hour later, we met up at the public meet and greet again – got another pix next to Ye Eun. lol! She gave me a good-bye hug again. Then I remember I forgot to ask her to shoutout for YeEun-Impact – a part of a to-do list given to me!! So, I asked her now. She either didn’t understand or hear me too well at first, since it was really loud. Afterward I felt so bad for distracting her and holding up the line. She must think this girl was so annoying! Why didn’t she leave yet?! Sorry! She should’ve just ignored me, but she was too nice. Sun Ye was looking at me all smiley *cute*, when I spoke to Ye Eun’s ears. I guessed Ye Eun eventually heard me after 10 times for crying out loud. She did the NOBODY dance for my camera. *Sweet* Then the securities kicked us out of the area.

We stood there filming for YeEun-Impact anyway to make up for my failed missionssss. The securities were cursing at one another about us. I heard at least 5 times, “Man, f*cking Wonder Girls’ fans just wouldn’t leave!” Dude, you’re at a concert, relax & cheer up! LOL! My friend and I could careless and told them we in line for snow cone. Haha Continued finding Ye Eun form afar. She looked over couple of time. We got further and further away, but she spotted me when I was about to leave. She waved at me I believe, otherwise I must be dreaming. Haha I screamed Park Ye Eun and left. Didn’t think she hear me though.

Technically, the whole night was like a dream. It was beautiful, yet blurry. I didn’t hit me yet after almost 24 hours, after I uploaded all the pictures and videos up too. I felt as if I was watching someone’s else Youtube videos and pictures than of my own account. It didn’t feel real…

P.S. By the way, I love the other Wonder Girls too. It was just that with such limited time, I couldn’t help but to be even more Ye Eun focused. Good Luck, Wonder Girls!! I love you gals!!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Last night was a dream 7/11/09 @ Rosemont”

  1. 1 giantdino
    July 13, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    you already done much to ye eun impact
    good job!
    faint,ye eun know ye eun impact!

  2. 2 wondergirlsfan
    July 13, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Yeah good job =D
    I see that WG’S are the best!!!!!!

  3. 3 cowgirl
    July 13, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    i just want to say: congratulations¡¡ and you are oficially the most envied girl around. i’ll stalk the youtube channel waiting for the fancams¡¡

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