[Announcement] Official Hiatus Project for Sun Mi

Project: Messages to SunMi!


1. Balloons filled with our love!
We are going to buy 100-200 purple heart balloons and place them all around the JYPE building in New York City to show our love for Sun Mi. What we are going to do is tape messages from everyone onto the strings for the balloons so it will be a purple sea of letters to her.

What you can do: Leave us a SHORT 200 character or so message to Sun Mi at WonderfulsWorld. It can be in English, Korean, or etc. but please realize that this has to fit on a small piece of paper. I am writing them all by hand and if it doesn’t fit on the paper I will just stop writing.

2. Pictures of our support!
We are going to buy a nice digital picture frame for Sun Mi with a memory card in it filled with images of her fans supporting her decision. That way she can always look at our show of support to cheer her on in her school endeavors.

What you can do: Give us a picture of yourself with Sun Mi if you met her. If you don’t have something like that take a picture of yourself holding up a sign of support to her. We want to show the fanbase the world over, so please take the picture showing where you are from so she can see that. PM the picture to Novaforever, or email it to wgspecproject@gmail and It will be added to the memory card going into the picture frame. Avoid sending pictures of just Sun Mi. She has plenty of those already. We want to show her the fans who love her!

3. Video collage of her fans!
We are going to organize and edit together a video of all her fans giving her a message of support. The messages will be limited to 30 seconds per person, so keep it concise.

What you can do: This is super easy, you can even use your webcam to shot your video. Just talk about how much you love Sun Mi and will miss her and you are done! Remember to keep the message positive, so no bashing anyone okay? SpecTV will be compiling the video messages so you can send them to worldspectv@gmail and they will take it from there.

These are easy projects that take a grand total of minutes to complete. We really hope to see every Spectacle member contributing to some, if not all, of these projects. Not only that, we hope to see people off of Spectacle also participating. You can spread the word about these projects. If people want to do submissions they can always sign up and post her on spectacle or use the email addresses WGspecproject@gmail and worldspectv@gmail to give us their messages.




Submit MESSAGES: Leave a comment in this post or in this thread

Submit PHOTOS: PM Novaforever or email to wgspecproject@gmail

Submit VIDEOS: Email to worldspectv@gmail

[Taken from: wonderfulsworld]


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