[Pics] Behind The Scenes with Wonder Girls 2DT MV Filming

Ye-eun and Bobby Lee~

As most of you know, the Wonder Girls have been going about their two weeks promotions in Korea recently for their new single 2 Different Tears and will be flying back to America on May 31st to prepare for their concert tour in June.

And before they leave for America, the leader of the Wonder Girls, Sunye leaves us with a message and BTS selcas when they filmed their 2 Different Tears MV previously.

Hello everyone. We’re the Wonder Girls. It’s quite a pity that we only have 15 days of promotion in Korea, but we are happy to be showing these star selcas.

I think it’s because its been a long time since we went on stage in Korea, we were really excited and nervous at the same time. Have you heard our new song yet? We have been focusing on our American activities all this while so we were very emotional and blissful when we finally saw our fans in Korea again.

And we are now ready to show everyone what happened when we filmed for our MV in a Gyeonggi-do studio for two days without much sleep.

1. Sohee and Sunye showing the victory sign. Although we are donning the usual smoky makeup, we upgraded the intensity.

2. This a the V-shaped face of the noticeably slimmer Yoobin. Her wine red hair color and layers of necklaces make her look like a mannequin.

3. Please focus on the wacky expression of our Park Jin Young PD-nim who makes a cameo in our MV. Only Yeeun is looking at the camera for this. Yeeun and Yoobin’s outfits looks really elegant right?

4. No one can do an expression like what Sohee does here. She is simply adorable.

5. This is our new member, Hye Lim who is of the same age as Sohee. She had been a JYP trainee for 3 years and was about to debut as part of the Chinese Wonder Girls. But she is now part of our group. Her trademark smile is really eye-catching, and her circular eye-shape and nose bridge are really adorable right?

6. How many did we use? Now you know why we keep taking selcas of our nails.

7. These are the outfits and shoes that we used for our MV filming. Even though they look really colorful, none of them belong to us.


8. Yeeun and Bobby Lee caught on camera eating bananas during a break.

9. The spaceship filming set. In order to to make it look retro, we made it look like a club. Don’t you feel like dancing in this set?

10. Wonder Girls, Park Jin Young and Bobby Lee posing while standing in line.

11. Taking a commemorative shot after completing the MV shoot in 48 hours. Sohee was ultra eye-catching with her boyish concept.

[Credit: allkpop]


1 Response to “[Pics] Behind The Scenes with Wonder Girls 2DT MV Filming”

  1. 1 soheegdragon
    September 13, 2010 at 2:15 am

    GOSH SOHEE IS SO ADORABLE! her expressions are so cute!

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