[Fancam + FanAccount] Yenny, Sun & Lim in Vancouver, Canana 280610

Sun, Yenny and Lim~

Love the fan-account! they are sooo sweet! ^^

lifted from ghobby at soompi

so with echan01 + x3justsmile

we met 3 of the Wonder Girls in Vancouver today!

here’s my fan account

[FAN ACCOUNT 06.28.2010 Vancouver, BC]

I woke up in the morning and a fellow WG fan told me a few fans were planning to meet the WG at the YVR (Vancouver International Airport). I didn’t want to park at the airport because it was super expensive so I drove around in circles. My friends inside told me that a few flights from Korea were delayed so we waited. None of us were sure if the girls were on any of these so we played the patience card. 

After waiting for 2 hrs, we found out there was some baggage delay as well. At around 2:00 pm, my friends called me and said that the WG were here! My friends followed them to their car and I drove to catch up with them and picked up one of my friends. We followed the vehicle down Arthur Liang bridge driving behind, beside, eventually in front 
and wherever. They noticed us and I was a bit embarrased to have been following them in a car. I think HyeLim uses a Sony Xperia10 phone ha! Anyway, while driving, my friend told me only the 3 of them were there and that they weren’t allowed to take photos of them so we respected that. My friend, who was in the passenger seat, quickly wrote on paper with a sharpie “I ❤ WG” and “Yenny, let’s go eat!” and we stuck the papers through my car’s sky roof. The back seats were tinted but we could see Sunye in the passenger seat and she smiled at us. We went down Marine Dr and onto Cambie St in Vancouver taking the Cambie Bridge into the Downtown area. I wasn’t sure if the driver tried to lose me at all cuz he would sometimes drive slow and wasn’t really speeding. 

Either way we got into downtown and saw the drive unloading luggage. Downtown parking is horrible so I had to circle around and park elsewhere. I dropped my friend off first and she managed to get Yenny’s autograph. She asked what my friend’s name was and got her “2DT” album signed. My friend apolgized for following them and Yenny said it was okay. When I got to that general area, my friend and I thought we should leave a note saying smthn along the lines of: …”Welcome to Vancouver! Sorry if we caused any trouble following you. We hope you have a restful and enjoyable 
stay…etc.” I wrote down that they should try the special ‘japadogs’ that are famous in downtown Vancouver and freshly made cheesecake from “Cheesecake etc.” and the addressed. I also told them that there was a H-mart in the area as well! We also wanted to send our condolensces to Sunye and told them they were all very strong-willed and 
that many people look up to them and people love them for who they are. 

We planned to give this to them if they came out of the building. So as I was writing that note my friend went to scope the area around and without knowing I hear someone talking behind me and it was Yenny, Sun + Lim.~ Sun looked a bit pale/tired, Yenny slapped on some shades and Lim followed along. Sun wore a black/white camousille with 
a black poodle skirt and Yenny might have worn a one piece black outfit, both had their hair down too. Lim was wearing a jean blouse with her hair up in a pony tail. We followed them from afar and they entered Moxie’s Grill Bar for some food. At this point we weren’t sure if we should follow them cuz we know they’re probably super tired from the flight and with what’s been happening so we backed off to let them enjoy some food. 

At around 4 pm, (about an hr when they entered the restaurant), we saw them walk out towards Robson street. I was surprised they were gonna go there because Robson is the main street in Downtown and…I’m sure people would recognize them because there are many Korean people in the downtown area (along with Japanese, Chinese, etc.) We saw 
them walk into a convenience store, Pharmasave, and we wanted to wait for them outside. It was almost 30 min or so and the anxiety was probably killing us.

At this point, I decided that we’d either go in and just ask them for their autographs or keep waiting. We were half guessing that they were waiting for us to leave or they were just taking a long time shopping in there. The door of the store also had a sensor so it kept opening and getting us rallied up ! Every time that door opened, our hearts were probably pounding faster as we were thinking they would be coming out…however…they didn’t. A few of the employees of the store walked out and I was tempted to ask them if they saw 3 asian girls and if the girls finished purchasing items yet…I told my friends the idea and at the same time the employees walked right by me! My friend was a bit nervous to speak and face them again because the WG had already saw us driving by them and she had already got Yenny’s autograph…The fans from the airport (just 3 other ppl) joined us too but they were a bit unsure about what to do.

I got tired of waiting around so I asked the employees as they were standing in front of the door and asked them.
“Excuse me, were there three asian girls inside who finished purchasing any items? I want to get their autograph but I don’t want to disturb them or…” 

The employee was hilarious! He said “wait, you want who’s autograph? Mine?” 
I said, “umm…the girls inside” 
employee “where are they from?”
“korea, they’re a famous group from Korea”

the employee walked towards the door and opened it and there was HyeLim standing in front of the Vancouver maps and the employee pretty much walks me into the store and says “oh hey I think these people want your autograph!” T___T haha so embarrassing!

Sunye + Yenny were at the counter paying and Yenny ask the cashier if there was a starbucks near by. We gave them our CDs and I was a bit embarrassed again because I didn’t get the chance to purchase the 2DT albums and only had my Nobody single and asked HyeLim to sign it first.

[me] “Sorry, I didn’t get the chance to buy the new cd yet but you can sign anywhere, thank you!.. “When you were in Hong Kong, how long did you live there for?
[Lim] ” about 14 years?”
My cousin asked ” oh so you can you speak Cantonese very well?”
[Hye Lim] “I’ve forgotten most of it..”

At this time, Sunye + Yenny just finished paying and came up to us and signed our items. I faced the two of them while my cousin talked with Lim. My friend and I gave Yenny the note we were writing and I started blabbing out of my head saying “we just wanna say that you girls are amazing and very strong willed…and very professional…so thank you!” 

My friend said “…because we know you like to eat…” I cut my friend off and said
[me] “yea Vancouver has lots of great food and I really suggest you guys try the ‘japanese hot dog’ aka japadog which is only a few blocks away..”
[Hye Lim] “hot dog?”
[me talking to Yenny/Sunye]”…yea it’s a speciality in downtown Vancouver and you must try it! also there’s a cheesecake place that makes fresh cheesecake every night and there’s also a jazz band that plays at night too…it’s really good!”
[Yenny] Oh hot dog maybe we can try that for dinner…wow a jazz band ? 
[Sunye] oh cheesecake~~

they finished signing, they bowed and they started walking towards the door
[me] there’s also a ‘H-mart’ near by too just a few blocks too
[Hye Lim] H-mart?
[Sun-ye] Oh really? a H-mart here? oh wow!
[me] Yea there’s a huge asian community in Vancouver…there’s lots of Korean communities and Japanese in downtown….
[HyeLim] Oh there’s a lot of Chinese too right? cuz i saw a lot of chinese around the area
[me] yep there are tons!
This was all said while walking outside as we said our final thank you.

My friend noticed that they didn’t look at the trafflic lights and crossing the roads without looking haha.
I can’t believe I blabbed on that much with them but it was cool to see their facial responses. They’re really chill and I knew that they were tired, yet they still greeted us and chatted with us. 

– ghobby

[Credit: ghobby at soompi]


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  1. 1 cookievr6
    June 29, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    our girls are so casual .. dats what I love abt them~

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